Tuesday, 10 September 2013

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Mini Silai Machine - 4 in 1 Little Silai Machine

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Mini Silai Machine Price – 1799/-
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Smaller than expected Mini Silai Machine are intended to give simple and imaginative opportunity. We need to make easy to use item that empower a smooth, sewing delightful experience. Smaller than expected size, light and with great space for controlling sewing fabric by hand force combination equips inside to utilize long time.

Mini Silai Machine Characteristics:

It's exceptionally minimized, and compact.
It gives twofold line innovation of sewing.
It accompanies twofold velocity, which is exceptionally valuable for amateur and also proficient sewers
It permits alter, retouch or repair anything in only few seconds.
Perfect for home, office individual, understudies and House wives and so on.
Requires 4"batteries or air conditioning 6V Connector
Spool can be utilized gadget for simple substitution of bobbin.
With pedal foot control
Air conditioning, dc operation with two rate control
The light in the sewing machine can enlighten sewing.